Waitakere Outrigger Canoe Club Equipment

Mahi Mahi

Mahi Mahi

Waitakere Outrigger Canoe Club owns eight 6-man waka.

All are Moana Nui Design.

1990 Design Waka

Moana Nui's waka were modeled off Tahitian style canoes with the idea of re-designing them to suit New Zealand waters.  The 1990 is a great waka for both open waters and lake water sprints.

The Club owns five 1990 waka. Koro and Kui were our first two waka and remain with the club to this day.  They were soon joined by Paul Preston, Te Mata Pounamu and more recently Te Kotuitangi.

Mahi Mahi

This Moana Nui waka was designed specifically for open water racing. The waka design has been influenced by those in Tahiti and Hawaii.   It is the most popular choice of waka in New Zealand and is used at our Sprint Nationals held every January.

The Club owns four Mahi Mahi's.  Two of which are set aside as our designated racing waka. They are later editions from our 1990 fleet.  Kaitiaki o Te Kekeno, Whau Moana,  Waitakere, Waitemata.

The club is equipped with spray skirts for each waka except for Te Kotuitanga.

For more information on Moana Nui and their products visit: http://www.moananui.co.nz/products.htm 

Variety of single waka designs

Variety of single waka designs


Are produced by Moana Nui. They are a staple in the New Zealand market particularly as they are well suited to New Zealand conditions.  

They are robust and solid and most paddlers start off learning in a surfrigger when they develop paddling in a single waka.

Ika Nui

The Club owns one Ika Nui.  A Moana Nui produced double hulled waka.  

Our ika Nui is also with spray skirts.